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What happens after I drop off my vehicle? 

Once your vehicle comes into our shop, we wash and get it ready for your adjuster to look at by circling all the damage using special automotive dry erase markers, under PDR lights in the shop.

On average it takes about 3 days for your insurance company to approve the repairs, but sometimes it can take longer.

The insurance company often comes in with a low estimate on their initial inspection of your hail damage. We usually have to have the adjuster come back to the shop and do a follow up (called a supplement).

Once approved, the dent repairs take between 1-2 days of manual work to "push out" the dents.

Your vehicle is cleaned and vacuumed before being returned to you.

How does paint-less dent repair (PDR) work? 

Paint-less Dent Repair or PDR is preferred by customers because it saves your nice factory paint job.

Painters in small body shops just can't achieve the same paint quality as the industrial factory that makes your vehicle. So Paint-less Dent Repair is preferred by customers because the dents are pushed out by hand and there isn't any need for paint, chemicals, or cutting the roof off the car.

The headliners and components of all modern vehicles are designed to be removed and installed (called R&I). Dropping the headliner gives the dent tech "access" to the metal of the roof to push the dents out using metal hand tools.

The dent tech carefully reshapes the metal while looking at lights or line-board to restore the appearance of the metal.

On big flat panels with access the tech will "push" the metal using hand tools. But other panels like the rails of the car, or areas where there isn't tool access, require techniques like "glue-pulling" or "blending"

When the repair is finished the metal looks smooth and like new again. The original factory paint is preserved. The full resale or trade in value of the vehicle is restored.

What happens when you get a roof replacement?

Here you can see some examples of what "fill & paint" repairs look like a few years down the road.

In the factory - automotive paint and finishes are designed to withstand sun exposure and weather.

But factory paint doesn't adhere the same to the metal and will wear down in a very short time. This makes the vehicle look bad and lowers the resale or trade in value.

Paint-less dent repair is a superior repair method because it preserves the factory finish.

My insurance adjuster said I need a roof replacement?

Roof and hood replacement is most likely unnecessary, and these repairs devalue your vehicle.

When the insurance does their estimate at your home, or when you take your vehicle to their recommended estimating location - they might write the estimate "to replace" or to "fill and paint" instead of PDR.

That's because insurance adjusters don't know what can be fixed with PDR and what can't.

We prefer to have the vehicle in our shop when your adjuster comes to look at it, so we can make sure he writes the estimate for PDR.

What is the process for getting my vehicle fixed?

Make an appointment here:


File a claim

if you haven't already, you will need to file a claim for hail damage. The easiest way to do it is on your mobile phone, using your insurance company's application.

We can help you do all of this at your appointment if you don't want to mess with it now.

Fill out our forms

When you make an appointment you will receive a link to our paperwork that you can fill out online.

Using your claim number and vehicle information, filling out this paperwork authorizes us to reach out to your insurance and get the ball rolling.

Drop off your vehicle & pick up rental

We meet most customers at Avis or Enterprise so all you have to do is take the rental and be on your way.

Why do comprehensive claims NOT raise rates?

Comprehensive insurance covers things that aren't your fault like vandalism or severe weather.

Comprehensive is different coverage than collision, which pays for accidents caused by you. Insurance companies can't discriminate against people by raising rates due to acts of nature.

Your insurance protects you from hail damage, and you are entitled to use the shop of your choice. There are no repercussions for filing comprehensive claims.

I really don't have to pay anything? 

When your insurance company sends you to their recommended shop, you pay your deductible, and that goes straight into the corporations pockets as profit.

You already pay your insurance premiums, and you can't control the weather.

So why should you have to pay more for something that isn't even your fault? 

When you come to us, we just agree to fix your vehicle for whatever the insurance pays, and waive your deductible (up to $500). We absorb these expenses to earn your business.

What if I’m selling or trading in my vehicle?

Hail damage significatly lowers the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) resale or trade-in value of your vehicle. Even just a few very light dents can devalue your vehicle by several thousand dollars. If you are still making payments, your vehicle may be worth less than what you owe on it. Get it fixed for free.

Why are dealerships not the best option for HAIL repair? 

PDR at corporate collision centers is subcontracted to the lowest bidder, and not up to the highest standard of quality.

A flood of hail damaged vehicles creates chaos in normal auto body shops because they do not specialize in hail repairs. They are already busy with normal collision work, and when they start getting dozens of hail damaged vehicles in their shop, which require a completely different systems to keep track of and fix, quality and service start slipping. It can take weeks or months just to get an appointment at the dealership in some storms. The subcontractors are rushing as fast as they can to push dents and finish cars so they can make as much money as possible.

As a private retail company that specializes in hail repairs, our dent guys are more skilled and spend more time making your vehicle look perfect again.

What is the warranty? 

We will do whatever it takes until you are 100% satisfied with outcome, even if you move or we move, for as long as you own the vehicle. We have fixed thousands of vehicles and only once or twice has there been a minor issue. Customers will usually notice immediately and get it taken care of.

We have the following quality control procedures in place to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

  • Pre-repair inspection checklist
  • Detailed photo and video of exterior and interior of vehicle
  • Post-repair inspection checklist

Do I have to use insurance company’s repair shop?

No; by law you have the right to choose the repair shop of your choice.

Sometimes insurance companies will tell you that they have to look at your vehicle before you drop it off for repairs. This is NOT required and you can bring in your vehicle to us tomorrow. We take over the claim and work with your insurance to get your repairs expedited faster than you could deal with on your own.

Why is having hail damage a liability?

If you get in a wreck with previous unclaimed hail damage, your insurance company will try and total your vehicle.

Your insurance company can total your vehicle, get the hail damage fixed, and then actually sell the vehicle for a profit.

Even if you have gap insurance you can lose thousands of dollars.

You already paid for coverage. The smart thing to do is file a claim and get it repaired.